5 Tips For Clearing Out A Hoarder's House

Around 19 million Americans suffer from compulsive hoarding tendencies, and oftentimes non-hoarders end up faced with the task of cleaning out their homes. Whether you inherited the home of a loved one with hoarding tendencies or bought a fix-and-flip foreclosure home that is full to the brim with belongings, cleaning out a hoarder's home is overwhelming. When a house is jam-packed with stuff, possibly including garbage, it's difficult to know where to start. [Read More]

3 Every Day Usage Tips For Safeguarding Your Septic System

Having a home that operates off a septic system definitely has its advantages. However, it can also have its drawbacks. For starters, unlike traditional plumbing systems, you have to be especially mindful of the types of products you use and even how you use your system, as a failure to do so can cause significant damage. Cleaning Products When cleaning your toilet, sinks and bathtubs, be careful of the cleaning products you use. [Read More]

Where Responsible Septic Tank Ownership Starts

If your home sits on a septic system, there are certain responsibilities that come with it, and while some only affect your comfort or convenience, others affect a far wider sphere. Understanding this, and how your choices impact those around you, can help you make smarter choices about what you buy and how you use your home's waste water system. The Importance of Regular Cleaning Pumping the solids out of your septic tank ensures that it continues functioning normally, but it does far more as well. [Read More]

Sprucing Up Porta Potties At Your Wedding

It is hard to imagine porta potties being glamorous, but with a little creativity you can make these bearable at your outdoor wedding venue. Keeping porta potties accessible, clean, and even cute can be done. Here are four ways you can ensure a pleasant bathroom experience for your wedding guests. 1. Keep Foot Traffic Away If your wedding party is in a public area that might have common foot traffic, such as a beach or park, those passing by might try to access your porta potties. [Read More]