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Can Portable Bathrooms Be Used In The Winter?

Portable bathrooms provide a sanitary way for your guests or employees to take care of personal needs when regular bathrooms aren't available. Though these temporary facilities can be used any time during the spring, summer, and fall, you need to take special care when using portable bathrooms during the winter. Here what you need to know about restroom trailer rentals in the winter.

Get Bathrooms that Don't Use Regular Water

One major issue that crops up when people try to use portable toilets in the winter time is that there's a possibility the water will freeze in the cold weather. That's because some companies use regular fresh water to clear away waste, which is prone to freezing when the temperatures drop below a certain level, thus rendering the bathrooms unusable. It can be quite disconcerting to have to use the facilities only to be confronted with a block of ice in the toilet.

Thus, you need to get bathroom facilities from companies that don't use fresh water in their system. Find one that uses a salt water mixture (the salt drops the freezing point of water) or a chemical substitute that won't turn to ice when a cold spell rolls through. There may be a price difference depending on the company, but it's worth the extra expense to ensure your guests or employees have access to sanitary bathrooms.

Have Portable Bathroom Winterized

If you got your portable bathrooms when it was warm and will be using them through the winter time, call the company who supplied them and ask about getting the units winterized. In this situation, the company would come out and install a series of components that would prevent the water tank and pipes from freezing and ensure the bathroom remains safe to use during cold weather. For instance, the company may insulate the tank and install a heating pad in the main part of the bathroom.

Unfortunately, not all companies have this service available for a variety of reasons. If that's the case, then ask if they will exchange the portable bathrooms you do have for other models designed to withstand the cold weather. If nothing is available, then you may need to return the ones you have and go with another provider that can accommodate your needs.

Consider Moving the Bathrooms to a Different Location

A third thing you may consider doing is relocating the portable bathrooms to a different area if they're in a place that makes them more prone to developing problems during the winter season. For instance, placing the portable toilets in an area that gets direct sunlight can help keep them warm since the walls will absorb the heat from the sun rays. Setting them next to a building or fence will protect the restrooms from strong winds that may knock them over, preventing damage that you may be liable to pay depending on your contract with the supplier.

You definitely want to put the bathrooms in an area where either they won't get snowed on or it'll be easy to clear accumulated snow away. For instance, you could put the potties in a garage or under a covered parking spot. This will reduce the risk the bathroom will be adversely affected by being surrounded by freezing cold snow and ensure your employees will have access to the facilities when needed.

Many portable bathrooms are set on trailers, so you can probably move them yourself. If not, then call the company to have them relocate the portable bathrooms for you.

For more tips on using portable bathrooms safely during winter or to arrange to have some placed for your event, contact a local supplier.