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Residential Toilet Backups: Repair Insights To Consider

A number of things can cause the toilets in your home to back up, including hair and grease. If you're currently dealing with this plumbing problem, here are some repair insights to consider.

Use a Plunger For Simple Backups

Just because your toilet backs up doesn't mean the problem is severe. The clog could be as simple as a collection of toilet paper products that didn't flush how they were supposed to. Fortunately for simple backups, you don't need a lot of special equipment.

You may in fact be able to use a standard plunger to deal with this plumbing-related issue. Just remember to create a tight seal with this tool, which you can do if you place it directly over your toilet's drain. Then you can move the plunger back and forth to create a force that's hopefully enough to break up the clog.

Opt For a Chemical Treatment For Severe Backups

If your toilet backup is a little more severe—meaning there is a bad clog deep within your home's piping—then you may need to utilize a chemical treatment. Special chemicals can be sent down the main sewer line of your property to break up the clog. 

If you go down this repair path, it helps to consult with a plumber about an effective chemical solution. They can offer a couple of suggestions that give you the best chance to alleviate the clog. They can help you administer chemicals too if you're worried about exposing yourself to these strong, fast-acting chemicals.

Send a Sewer Camera Through if Unsure of Problem Areas 

Sometimes, toilet backups are hard to repair because you don't really know where the clog is. In this case, you may want to send a special sewer camera down through your toilet's drain to see where the clog is. These cameras are advanced and thus provide detailed imaging of the inside of your pipes.

You just need to move this camera throughout your home's plumbing until you see problematic areas. Plumbers can manage this equipment too if you feel better about having a certified professional navigate the camera with precision, as well as provide it in the first place.

If your home ever suffers from a toilet backup, be sure to remain proactive and consider a couple of different repair solutions. If you keep at it, eventually you'll find something that works and subsequently lets you use the toilet again. 

For more info about toilet backups, contact a local company.