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4 Porta Potty Amenities You Should Consider For An Outdoor Event

Planning a large outdoor event means considering a number of different factors, including where your guests will be able to use the restroom. In many places, the most realistic solution involves renting one or more portable toilets. For some events, the most basic versions of these porta potties are enough; for others, however, it makes sense to ensure that additional amenities are included. Below are just four of the most popular amenities event planners should consider.

Baby Changing Stations

Many larger outdoor events are bound to be attended by parents with little ones whose diapers will need to be changed at some point during the event. Making sure that at least one porta potty rental unit has a baby changing station is a smart decision and one that will no doubt be appreciated by parents with very young children.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

No matter how clean the porta potties at your event are kept, attendees who use them will naturally want to wash their hands immediately afterward. That's why hand sanitizing stations are one of the most popular amenities among outdoor event planners. Most stations have soap and freshwater tanks that dispense both with the simple press of a pedal or pump. This conserves resources and allows your guests to use the porta potty without any reservations when it comes to cleanliness.

Air Conditioning Units

The closed nature of a porta potty means that the inside of one can become especially hot, especially during summer events held outdoors. For this reason, porta potty rental services may also offer units that include air conditioning, which is made possible by the use of an external generator. Not only does this increase the level of comfort attendees experience, but it also lowers the risk of individuals suffering from heat exhaustion.

Accessibility Features

Porta potties are extraordinarily convenient in many ways, but the units themselves do not always guarantee accessibility for all event attendees. If you are planning an event and want to make sure that no one is inconvenienced when having to use a porta potty, consider adding amenities required by the American Disabilities Act. These include handrails, larger interiors, and even mechanisms that transfer the user from a wheelchair to the porta potty seat. Perhaps more so than any other amenity, accessibility features are something that must be considered if all attendees are to experience equal levels of convenience when using the restroom. 

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