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Six Tank Characteristics A Septic Service Will Look At To Determine How Much To Charge

You might be wondering how much it is going to cost you to have your septic tank pumped out. The costs of septic pumping services can vary depending on a variety of different factors. Your tank itself is an important determining factor regarding the costs of septic pumping.

The following are six tank characteristics a septic service will look at to determine how much to charge. 

The size of the tank

The size of the tank is a primary factor that a septic service will look at in determining costs. In general, a larger tank will mean a higher bill when a household has their septic tank pumped out. 

The fullness of the tank at the time of pumping

Another factor is how full the septic tank is at the time of pumping. A tank that it is more full will generally take longer to pump out and lead to higher septic service expenses for the household.

This means that septic pumping expenses are likely to be lower when a household gets the septic tank pumped out more frequently so that it doesn't get as full. 

The preparation tasks the homeowner takes care of

A homeowner can in some cases bring down costs by taking care of preparation tasks in advance of the arrival of the septic pumping company.

Simple tasks like clearing a path to the tank lid so that the septic tank pumping service can get to work more quickly can shorten the job and bring down total costs if labor is charged per hour. 

The age of the septic tank

The age of a septic tank may be a factor in determining pumping costs. Older tanks have a tendency to cost more because many of the older tanks don't have risers built into their design that make septic tank pumping a simpler task for pumping services. 

The location of the household where the septic tank is located

Many septic services will charge more to perform tank pumping at a household located further away than they will charge to come out to a location close by. This makes it a good idea to look for a septic service located as close to your household as possible. 

The condition of the drain field pipes

If the drain field pipes for a septic system are in poor shape, this could mean more delicate work for a septic pumping service. As a result, costs could be higher.