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A Toilet Backup Is A Serious Plumbing Emergency That You May Need Professional Help To Clean Up

One reason it's important to care for your sewer drain is that a clog can cause sewage to back up in your home. If you flush the toilet and sewage spills out over the bathroom floor, you'll have a serious toxic mess to deal with, even if the spill isn't very large.

Sewage can also back up in your bathtub or other areas of your home, and if the sewage flows into a room with carpet and furniture, the cleanup could become expensive. Here's a look at how to deal with a toilet backup.

Determine The Severity Of Your Problem

Decide if it's safe for you to start the cleaning process or if you need to leave the work to professionals with protective equipment. This depends on the size of the spill, whether you have protective equipment, and whether it is safe for you to work in the area due to electricity and ventilation concerns.

Pump Out The Sewage

The sewage may need to be pumped out of your bathroom, and that's one reason you'll probably need professional help to clean up the spill. Keep in mind, everything the sewage water touched is contaminated. So, you have to be careful about entering and leaving the area or you'll track contamination throughout your house.

If the spill isn't too large, you might be able to clean it up with towels or blankets, but you'll need to throw them away when you're finished. Once the solids and water are removed, you can start cleaning up the mess and sanitizing the room.

Throw Out Ruined Items

Sewer water is not the same as water from a pipe leak. When a toilet backup happens, the solids, water, and sludge that spills on the floor is toxic and contaminates everything it touches. You can sanitize hard surfaces, but it's necessary to throw away things like rugs, towels, or carpet that got wet.

Sanitize The Floor

You can clean the area with bleach and hot water. It's important to clean the area and sanitize it so it's safe for the plumber to work in the area and for you to use the room again. If you're not sure how to sanitize the room so it's safe for you and your kids, hire an expert. It's better to be safe and let a professional help.

Repair The Plumbing Problem

When a sewer backs up, the problem might be a clog in the line due to tree roots or other problems. The problem might also be due to a septic tank that's too full. If you have a full septic tank, call a septic company to pump it out. You won't be able to use your plumbing or the toilet again until you do, or you may risk another toilet backup.

If you don't have a septic tank and the problem is a clog, the plumber might use a hydro jet to clear out the drain so your toilet and other plumbing moves water quickly through the line. The plumber might even be able to do all the work outdoors if you have an outdoor drain cleanout.

For more information, contact a toilet backup service today.