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De-Clutter Your Home Like A Pro

Do you have drawers that you never open, closets you never search and rooms you never really enter? If the answer is yes and these spaces are jam-packed, there's a good chance that you could use some extreme de-cluttering. With more people opting to stay in their homes longer, this leaves more time to accumulate items that simply have no use. A more organized and enjoyable space can be created with these tips.

Perform a History Assessment

If there are items in the home that aren't being used on a regular basis, it might be time to get rid of them. A history assessment is a fancy way of weeding out those items that you don't use often. A closet is a great place to adopt this strategy.

Turn all the hangers in the closet in the same direction, as you wear a garment, rotate the direction of the hanger. Every 3 months, check the closet to see which hangers are still in the original direction. Of course, you can bypass those items that you only wear on special occasions, such as a formal gown. However, for everything else, these items represent clothes you don't wear and should be able to easily get rid of.

Implement a Function/Value Test

Every item in your home should be able to pass a function/value test. The purpose of this test is simple; every item you own either needs to serve a function or have a special meaning. If it doesn't do either, there's a good chance you don't need it anymore. For example, if you had an old radio that doesn't work anymore, if it belonged to a special someone in your life, you can keep it.

However, if it's something you picked up at a garage sale and doesn't mean anything to you – go ahead and toss it out. If there are multiple people in the home, make sure you're considering whether the item is of value to them before making any hasty decisions.

Rent A Dumpster

Preserve your sanity and make the de-cluttering process easier with a dumpster rental. With this rental, not only will you have plenty of space, but there will also be less of a concern with storage, keeping everything in one neat location. For large projects, these rentals offer a great way to move at your own pace.

If your home could use some serious organizing, these tips can help. Say goodbye to clutter and usher in organization.