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Sprucing Up Porta Potties At Your Wedding

It is hard to imagine porta potties being glamorous, but with a little creativity you can make these bearable at your outdoor wedding venue. Keeping porta potties accessible, clean, and even cute can be done. Here are four ways you can ensure a pleasant bathroom experience for your wedding guests.

1. Keep Foot Traffic Away

If your wedding party is in a public area that might have common foot traffic, such as a beach or park, those passing by might try to access your porta potties. The best way to keep portable bathrooms fresh is to limit their usage to your party. As much as you might want bathrooms out of the way, keeping these close will make it more obvious that they are associated with your event. You can also be sure to have signs on and around the bathrooms reserving them for your wedding guests.

2. Dress up Your Porta Potty Station

If you have the DIY spirit, dressing up your porta potties should be a snap. Get a tent, some wooden boards and signs to mask the porta potty 'look' and make them more like a rustic outhouse. If you are opting for standard porta potties, this doesn't mean that you can't make the surrounding area more posh. Have air fresheners and hand sanitizers at the ready. Put a tarp or rug down and set up a table holding goodies to make an entryway to the facilities.

3. Make Light of It During the Ceremony

At the end of the day, there is only so much that you can do to spruce up a porta potty. Just make a mention during your toasts and announcements thanking your guests for roughing it with you during your special day, and for braving the "outhouses." Guests can have a laugh, and hopefully anyone that had their noses turned up at the facilities will loosen up.

4. Opt for Higher-End Bathrooms

Not all porta potty rentals are created equal. There are deluxe options that come on a trailer along with ventilation and sink areas. If your outdoor wedding is a classy event, then this is the way to go. With lighting and water, these will feel like normal bathrooms and take away the rustic feel.

If your special day will be in an outside location without standard bathrooms, using porta potty rentals isn't the end of the world. You can make these work for your event, and your guests will be happy and comfortable.